External power supply unit - BVN

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Customer: ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s., Year of implementation: 2011, Place of operation: Ukraine (8EV)

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External power supply unit (BVN) is designed for railway traction vehicles and connected vehicles of the 8Ev electric multiple unit.


  • Provides automatic switching of power supplies
  • In the absence of the main power supply, it is able to supply chargers from an external network of 3 x 400V AC 50Hz.
  • Provides single-phase voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz for powering the service socket using an inverter powered from the on-board 24 V DC network.
  • Feeds the power supply to cover the consumption of heating of motor vehicles
  • Indicates battery current using an ammeter located on the front panel of the unit
  • Serves to connect the control and indication signals of the entire charging set via the terminal block located on the front panel.


Technical parameters of BVN-02-UA

Rated input voltage

570VDC (± 15 %)

Input current

21A (DC)

Rated input voltage of external power supply

3 x 400 V AC 50 Hz

Input current of external power supply


Output voltage for chargers


Output current for chargers


Output voltage/current – socket

230V AC 50Hz/10A

Output voltage/current – maintenance socket

230V AC 50Hz/2A

Dimensions (W x H x D)

352 x 400 x 350 mm





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