Electrodynamic brake for the 759.002 (T 499.022) Kyklop locomotive

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Customer: DPOV, a.s., Year of implementation: 2014 – 2016, Number of vehicles: 1, Place of operation: Czech Republic, VÚŽ, a.s.

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Refurbishment of a part of the 759.002 (T 499.022) Kyklop locomotive with modification of the electrodynamic brake (EDB) to achieve improved control of the braking properties of the locomotive. Modifications of the power circuits for the brake mode are made to the four traction drives with serial DC motors and IGBT converters have been supplied with liquid cooling and with control according to the assignment from the host system via the CAN line. Compared to the original wiring, the range of braking forces at low speeds is greater, when the EDB circuits maintain a constant braking force. This revitalization of the electrodynamic brake of the T499.002 locomotive is designed to meet the needs of VÚŽ when providing vehicle braking tests.


  • Control via vehicle CAN network
  • Compatible with TST (Tuning and Service Tool)
  • Advanced diagnostics, event logger and operational data recorder
  • Full range of braking force even at low speeds


Technical parameters


Maximum braking power

500 kW

Traction motor voltage

900 V DC

Maximum current of the traction motors

900 A

Converter cooling


Power elements


Switching frequency

440 Hz

Communication interface






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