The company POLL, s.r.o. has been operating since 1996. The main activity is the development and manufacturing of electronic systems for applications in power electronics and other fields of electrical engineering. The company supplies controllers for power converters for traction drives, including application-specific software.

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The history of the company POLL, s.r.o. dates back to the early 1990s when a small group of lecturers and students from the Czech Technical University in Prague were engaged in development activities in collaboration with the then industrial enterprises (CKD Elektrotechnika, CKD Trakce, OEZ Letohrad, etc.) Gradually, the independence of activities and adoption of development work under the new company came into existence.

The first implemented projects include:

  • development of a prototype controller and control system of tram asynchronous drive (CKD Transportation Systems, 1996-1999);

  • development and delivery of complete control for traction drive for diesel-electric shunting locomotive (CKD Transportation Systems, 1998-1999);

  • development, production and deployment of distributed control LONWorks for control of road surface marking (Eltodo, 1999-2000)

  • development, production of customer triggers and circuit breakers of the series BLxx Modeion (OEZ Letohrad, 2001-2006)

  • development, production and deployment of equipment with pulse rectifier with IGCT thyristors – modernisation of suburban railcars of the 560 series (in cooperation with POLOVODIČE a.s., 2002)

The company POLL, s.r.o. has been operating since 1996, from the original number of four employees it has grown to mid-sized companies and has expanded its range of activities from the original one (development of hardware and software) into manufacture and service of control systems and power electronics for (not only) railway applications.

POLL, s.r.o.

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