Power supply systems for onboard applications

A large part of our portfolio constitute power static converters, which are used to supply railway vehicles, to charge vehicle batteries and for power supply of 1f and 3f appliances. By using digital control of the convertors, deploying the computer models in the development and use of new technologies, our products acquire remarkable parameters. For example:

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  • zero-voltage switching topology (ZVS)

  • output up to 50kW

  • switching frequency up to 100kHz

  • high efficiency (up to 95%)

  • the use of planar transformers and inductive components

  • low weight and small dimensions

  • galvanic isolation up to 4000Vrms

  • IP rating up to IP65

  • ambient temperature from -40°C to 50°C

  • passive and active cooling

  • linking with other systems using CAN, RS-485 and Ethernet–Connection via CAN, RS-485 and Ethernet

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