Modernisation of suburban railcars of the 560 series

The aim of the project is to replace the aging parts of the electrical equipment of the suburban pantograph units of the 560 series…

Poll TST

Diagnostic tools

We supply our products along with diagnostic tools that serve as a universal user interface for operation, diagnostics and monitoring.


Regulatory system TRS

The system TRS is a modular system for the control of traction drives. The core of the system is a digital regulator TRS, which is designed to be placed directly in the container of the power part of the traction converter.


The company POLL, s.r.o. has been operating since 1996. The main activity is the development and manufacturing of electronic systems for applications in power electronics and other fields of electrical engineering. The company supplies controllers for power converters for traction drives, including application-specific software.

In addition, the company focuses on development and production of single-purpose electronic devices as sub-consignment assigned by the customer.

LRQA logo

We are holders of LRQA certificates

Since 14th October 2005 we have been a holder of a valid certificate confirming that the company has implemented and maintains a quality management system complying with the requirements of EN 9001:2000.

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